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At Birch Bay Tax and Accounting, we want you to know that tax time is nothing to be afraid of.  Taxpayers spend more than 7.5 billion hours each year figuring out how much their taxes are and complying with the Tax Code.  At Birch Bay Tax and Accounting, we can return that time to you while ensuring that no deductions or credits are overlooked.

We provide comprehensive individual tax services and crunch the numbers so you don’t have to.  Today’s tax laws are complicated, and our seasoned professionals can make sure that you receive every deduction and credit that you’re entitled to. 

We believe in personal service, so at the beginning of each year you’ll receive a pre-scheduled tax appointment and tax organizer in the mail to start the process.  Appointments can easily be cancelled or changed, but we want our clients to know that they can count on us to have room for them.  We know you're busy, so to save time we also welcome you to come in and drop off your information.

When you hire us to prepare your tax return, the numbers will be checked and re-checked.  Your tax return will be filed electronically to save time and get your refund back quicker. 

We also help you think ahead to next year when we prepare your taxes.  Sometimes, adjustments to payroll withholding are possible that will allow you to get more money back each week while still paying the required withholding taxes.  We can also provide information on commonly overlooked deductions and ways to limit your tax liability for next year.


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